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A GERMAN PARCEL-GILT SILVER NEF -FORM DRINKING CUP, GEORG MÜLLNER, NUREMBERG, CIRCA 1641-1646 | A German parcel-gilt silver nef -form drinking cup, Georg Müllner, Nuremberg, circa 1641-1646

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  • Haut. 28 cm ; 11 in. high ; 372,7 g. ; 13,2 oz
shaped as a ship resting on four wheels, with figures confronted on the stern and the bow, body chased with dolphins, the spout cast as a dragon's head

Catalogue Note

This model of drinking cup designed as a nef on wheels was widespread in Nuremberg throughout the 17th century. The nef-shaped cups by Tobias Wolff, Esaias zur Linden and Georg Müllner are typical of Nuremberg's production. These moving drinking vessels were fitted with a small handle on the ship's stern, and a spout dispensing the beverage along the bow. The Rudolf-August Oetker collections and Hessisches Landesmuseum in Kassel have several copies created in Augsburg or Nuremberg.