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ZILIA SÁNCHEZ | Topología erótica

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  • Zilia Sánchez
  • Topología erótica
  • acrylic on canvas with wood construction, in 4 parts
  • 92 by 92 by 14 in. 233.7 by 233.7 by 35.6 cm.
  • Executed circa 1975.


Private Collection, Miami (a gift from the artist) 
Private Collection, Miami (acquired from the above) 

Catalogue Note

“If Eros, in the classic psychoanalytic framework, is a drive constitutive of the subject – Eros as life, as love, as the instinctual impulse toward creativity and self-realization – it is also a structure of experience, which is to say a sensation embedded in the specificities of aesthetic and bodily encounter. Sánchez’s extraordinary shaped canvases tell us as much. Stretched taut over wooden armatures, their membranes painted in neutral tones that pool into nested ovoids, ellipses, clefts, and half-moons, the works oscillate between inciting and reciprocating desire. The desire of the artist who, molding a work’s skeleton and then manipulating its tensile skin, treats it as a corpus, an organic entity with formal and emotive energies of its own. And the desire of the viewer, whose motility in relation to the canvas causes its abstracted shapes to expand, contract, slide, dilate, and bloom.” Irene V. Small, “On Zilia Sánchez’s Surface” in Zilia Sánchez, Heróicas Eróticas en Nueva York, New York, 2014, p. 5