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Contemporary Art Evening Auction


Antony Gormley
B. 1950
cast iron
189 by 48 by 33 cm. 74 1/2 by 18 7/8 by 13 in.
Executed in 2008.
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White Cube, London

Acquired from the above by the present owner in 2009

Catalogue Note

The early Standing Matters were made from separate hand-forged balls, welded together to form a loose matrix. This work is an early attempt to make a cast work from closely packed foam balls carved to accommodate the tightest fit. They nest and aggregate closely like bubbles or fish spawn.

In this work I am attempting to bear witness to what it feels like to live in a body that is out of our control and subject to space, time and environment.

We now know more than we ever had about temporary nature of all material aggregation. In a quantum world, sculptural concerns over surface have to give way to our understanding of the relationship between mass and energy, and an admission of the precarious and provisional nature of all structures.

It is the attitude conveyed by the work that counts. Here is a ground onto which our uncertainties can be anchored. A ground onto which our sense of our own weight, vertical stance and liability to fall can be projected.

This work is as distinct from the idealised statue as possible. It represents the attempt of an individual to bear witness to the vicissitudes of subjective life.

Antony Gormley, January 2019

Contemporary Art Evening Auction