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  • Jennifer Bartlett
  • Four A.M.
  • acrylic on canvas
  • 84 by 84 in. 213.4 by 213.4 cm.
  • Executed in 1991-1992.


Paula Cooper Gallery, New York
Acquired from the above by the present owner in 1994


New York, Paula Cooper Gallery, Air: 24 Hours, October 1992
Philadelphia, Locks Gallery, Jennifer Bartlett: 24 Hours, April - May 1994
Lancaster, Hammond Galleries, Personal Stories: A History of the Universe, July - August 1994


Deborah Eisenberg, Air: 24 Hours Jennifer Bartlett, New York 1994, p. 27, illustrated in color

Catalogue Note

"The paintings announce themselves as puzzles not only by the struggle against resolution and by the enigmatic and highly charged atmospheres, but also by their clear intention that each, though self-contained, fit into a whole...The paintings are in sequence, and on each one there is the face of a clock, either light gray signifying day, or dark gray signifying night. The hands of the clock point to the house—the timepiece is resolute, and in the tense balance of each scene, the moment feels attenuated in its it-ness. But in every one of the pictures, time seems to be shaking itself loose, proliferating, working its way along the floorboards or up a trellis, out from notes written as reminders, from boxes of implements waiting to be used, from a pair of shoes about to be work—from all the clutter of daily life, poignantly cataloguing its inventory of hope, neglent, readiness for service, other occasions, other purposes."
Deborah Eisenberg, Air: 24 Hours Jennifer Bartlett, New York 1994, p. 6