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Antony Gormley
B. 1950
cast iron
173 by 52.2 by 43 cm. 68 1/8 by 20 1/2 by 17 in.
Executed in 2014. 
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Xavier Hufkens Gallery, Brussels
Acquired from the above by the present owner

Catalogue Note

Expressing quiet contemplation, the body posture of Slew evokes a feeling of arrested internal movement, with head resting tightly on a single fist and the torso twisting between head and hip. 

The sculpture is an example of Antony Gormley's Cube Works series (2012 - 2018). Intrigued by the ways in which iron pyrite naturally aggregates, the artist began to experiment by using offset cubes to create body masses. The aim was to translate the volumes of the body into strict cubic frames or solids.

The cube's rigid geometry and ability to be stacked has allowed it to become the basis of modernist construction and rational measurement. Using it here as the ground to evoke strong emotion, this work is powerful proof of the artist's claim that 'as the work becomes more abstract it engages our empathy more completely'. 

Implying a dialogue between human nature and planetary matter this lifesize work is cast in iron, an earth material identical to the core of the planet and which when exposed at its surface reacts to time and the elements, fusing both into the meaning and material of the sculpture. 

Contemporary Art Day Auction