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PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR | Femme assise dans une barque - fragment

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  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • Femme assise dans une barque - fragment
  • bears an inscription R (lower left)
  • watercolour on paper


Ambroise Vollard, Paris (acquired from the artist before 1919)
Philippe Bemberg, Paris & Lausanne
Thence by descent to the present owner


Ambroise Vollard, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Paintings, Pastels and Drawings. Tableaux, Pastels et Dessins, Paris, 1918, vol. II, illustrated p. 181
Guy-Patrice et Michel Dauberville, Renoir, Catalogue raisonné des tableaux, pastels, dessins et aquarelles, vol. III, Paris, 2010, no. 2640, illustrated p. 548

Catalogue Note

From the Philippe Bemberg Collection
(Lots 1 - 4)

Philippe Bemberg (1919-1963) belonged to a family of collectors whose history joins different continents. The group of unique works that Sotheby's is pleased to present in this catalogue gives a great vision of this collection, built up over many years by Philippe Bemberg. 

The superb pastel drawing Jockey by Edgar Degas and Le Pont Royal, après-midi, temps couvert, 4th series, in soft colours by Camille Pissarro (sale on March 23, 2018) are without doubt masterpieces. 

Originally from Cologne in Germany, the Bembergs were already skilled businessmen with the growth of Great Commerce and the Enlightenment in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. In the middle of the 19th century, Otto Bemberg (1827-1895) developed in Argentina and in Europe, in particular in Germany and France, a considerable amount of activity in banking, restauration, large scale agriculture and diplomacy. The varied nature of the different domains announced what proved to the eclectic nature of his descendants as businessmen, collectors and philanthropists. 
The high quality of the works in this collection offers a large panorama of the late 19th century and the early 20th century: Corot, Vuillard, Boudin, Renoir, Vlaminck, Derain and a few others. Philippe Bemberg's sure eye meant he was drawn to a few, rarer artists such as Valadon, Villon and Lebourg. The history of art in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century is resumed here through its most exceptional works.

This family of patrons was directly involved with the artists: Herman Bemberg (1859-1931), great-uncle of Philippe Bemberg was an interesting Belle Epoch composer and Georges Bemberg (1915-2011), his cousin, passionate about ancient and modern painting and furniture, created a foundation located today in the Hôtel d'Assezat in Toulouse.

It is rare to find such a coherent and high quality group of works. Philippe Bemberg's collection was kept until today by his nephews and nieces, and includes important works by a few of the major Impressionist and 20th century avant-garde artists. Sotheby's is delighted to put this collection up for auction, the result of the Bemberg family's vision of modern painting.

Pierre Mothes, Vice-Président, Sotheby's France