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PATRICK SCOTT | Gold Painting 486

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  • Patrick Scott
  •  Gold Painting 486
  • signed and titled on the canvas overlap
  • tempera, gold leaf and silver leaf on unprimed canvas
  • 122 by 122cm., 48 by 48in.
  • Painted in 1986.


The Estate of the Artist

Catalogue Note

Irish artist Patrick Scott developed his celebrated Goldpaintings series in 1964 and among his contemporaries in Ireland, was a singular pioneer of the new minimalist strain in abstraction, countering the hitherto dominant style of Abstract Expressionism. In adopting gold as his motif, he consciously steered away from any iconographic references typically associated with the medium. Rather, his works possess a cooler, Japanese aesthetic that stems from his interest in Zen - the result is works that are meditative and invite contemplation.  The Goldpaintings 'do not aspire to be respresentations of the visual world; they are simply themselves, points of arrival rather than departure. Then, while they are of course visual things, they are also fundamentally tactile objects, continually prompting us to address their textural qualities. That is, seeing the weave of canvas and the lustre of gold evokes the sensation of touch. This in-between quality of gold accounts for a large part of its appeal for Scott. The paintings' textures, and the difference and interplay between them, are inescapable and integral to their effects.' (Aidan Dunne, Patrick Scott, Dublin, 2008, p.98)