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20,000 - 30,000 USD
22,500 USD
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  • A Sokol KV-2 ("Falcon") spacesuit, manufactured by Zvezda
Full pressure suit, manufactured by Zvezda, approx. 67 inches tall. White outer restraint later of white nylon canvas with internal pressure bladder. Integral helmet with soft hood and polycarbonate visor labeled "З ДЩИТНОЕ СТЕКЛО" [Protective Glass] locking with blue anodized aluminum flange. Integrated pressure valve on chest reading "ОТВЕРНУТЬ ДО СРЕДНЕГО УПОРА ПЕРЕД ПОЛЕТОМ РДСП 3М 01" [unscrew fully to medium before flight RDSP 3M 01]. Support sling running from chest to back using webbed belts and metal clips, arms with trussed sleeves with adjustable articulating cables and webbed belt lashings. Pressure gauge on left sleeve; detachable gloves. Lace-up crotch covered with triangular placket, legs with pleated knees, each with utility pockets and integral soled boots. Gloves marked "ГП-7С-2 - 1060099" and "ГП-7С-1 - 0980183" at cuff, soles of boots marked "54-3-43".