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  • Ivan Chuikov
  • Nude
  • oil, acrylic and mixed media on wood
  • Box without clouds: 35 1/2 by 23 3/4 by 4 1/2 in., 90 by 60 by 11.5cm
signed in Cyrillic and dated '74' on the reverseoil, acrylic and mixed media on wood 'You don’t decide one day to be a dissident. And even if someone had said to me that you are a dissident, I would have denied it. Why should one expose oneself to unpleasantness? What does occur, however, is a gradual change. I studied with classmates who became official artists. Now, of course, there are no more official artists. We remained friends for a long time, but then you first refuse invitations. Then you do not want to go to an official meeting of artists. You don’t want to show at official exhibitions. Imperceptibly, you turn away. You estrange yourself.' (Ivan Chuikov, quoted in ‘Soviet Dissident Artists’, Rutgers University Press, 1995)


Acquired by the father of the present owner in Moscow

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