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The Wher Chajli rug, South Caucasus
dated AH 1250 (1834-35 AD)
approximately 256 by 128cm; 8ft. 4in., 4ft. 2in.
first half 19th century
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Wher Collection, Lugano

Catalogue Note

A nearly identical example to this rug is in the collection of the MAK, Vienna, see Volker (2001) pp. 344 & 345, pl. 127. The MAK and present example have only very minor differences, for example the offered lot has four rows of four horizontal hooked guls in the field and the MAK four rows of three; crucially the primary dyes and the border designs of the two works are very similar. There is also another example published in Schürmann (1990) pp. 216 & 217, pl. 76. This rug shares a near identical design and colour palette within the three main Chajli medallions. The primary dyes in the medallions and the field are very similar if interposed, for example the madder dye in the field of the offered lot is in fact the ground colour of the upper and lower medallions of the Schürmann example. Furthermore the curvilinear layout of the flowerheads within the field between the two works is notable and a charming quality.

"...from a trade with the master collector and connoisseur, Dr. Marino Dall’Oglio." (EH)

Völker, A, Die orientalischen Knüpfteppiche im MAK, Vienna, 2001, pp. 344 & 345, pl. 127

Schürmann, U., Caucasian Rugs, 1990, pp. 216 & 217, pl. 76.

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