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A GROUP OF ELEVEN FANS, VARIOUS DATES AND MAKERS | A group of eleven fans, various dates and makers

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4,000 GBP
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including a tortoiseshell fan, the sticks and guards pierced and decorated in two colours of gold foil, the guards over mother of pearl, the paper leaf painted with David playing at the court of Saul, the reverse with Jupiter appearing to Io, French, circa 1760, 29cm, 11 1/2 in; an ivory fan, the sticks and guards spangled and foiled in different tones of gold, the sequined silk leaf painted with a seated harpist and tentative lover, 27cm, 10 5/8in; a scarlet lacquer brisé fan and a finely carved ivory example, Chinese, early 19th century, 19 & 20cm, 7 1/2 & 7 7/8in; a stained wood fan, the paper leaf charmingly painted with acrobatic kite flyers, Japanese, circa 1900, 30.5cm, 14in; a tortoiseshell and game bird feather fan, the guard applied with cipher F below a royal crown, German or Austrian, circa 1880, 35.5cm, 14in; and three early 19th century Spanish fans, one pierced and gilded horn, the guards applied with gold and enamel panels set with carnelian lozenges, embroidered silk leaf, one mother of pearl with spangled sticks and gilt-metal guards set with purple pastes, printed and coloured leaf, the third of gilded ivory, the elaborately sequinned leaf printed and coloured with 'Entrada de los Reyes y Real famillia en la Ciudad de Barcelona el dio II dev Sept. de 18[1]2', in original foiled paper case, 14-21.5cm, 5 1/2-81/2in, two further fans and three cases