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TADAO ANDO | i. ANDO X ANDO - Photographs, RED Versionii. Amazing Grace

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  • Ando Tadao
  • i. ANDO X ANDO - Photographs, RED Versionii. Amazing Grace
  • i. signed on the interior of portfolio; ii. signed and dated 2018/10/10
  • i. 10 Platinum palladium prints and one exclusive drawing scroll, in artist's boxii. colored pencil and washi on paper
  • i. Each: 15 by 24 in. 38.1 by 61 cm.
  • ii. 23 5/8 by 14 3/4 in. 60 by 37.5 cm.
  • i. Executed in 2015, this work is from an edition of 10.ii. Executed in 2018, this work is unique.

Catalogue Note

Faith in the Light: To me, architecture is a means by which I can express my ideas and intentions as space; that is, a communication device which I can engage in a dialogue with the society.

Architecture is however, rooted to the ground and cannot be moved.

Through what medium then could I convey its existence to the society?  Among the diverse options available today, I believe that photography, from the age of mechanical reproduction, is still the most supreme medium.  Certainly, it is no match for digital imaging techniques in terms of the volume of information it can convey, and it cannot beat three-dimensional mediums such as models in terms of physical presence.  Yet, photography possesses a strength that arises from the sense of tension while capturing the architecture at a certain moment.  It is powerful for its timelessness as it enables the photographic subject to continue existing, frozen in time, regardless of how it may weather in reality.

The 10 photographs presented here under the title ANDOĂ—ANDO are photographs of my architecture taken by myself.  They only show fragments of the architecture; they are not intended to elucidate the forms and spaces of my work.  Indeed, they carry essentially no information.  However, these captured moments do directly expose my audacious endeavor to open the door to a new world of architecture, with my own design methodology based on the composition of the basic elements of nature, geometry, and material.  What can be seen in the photographs are the bare traces of my thoughts, resulted from my pursuit to create spaces that are simplest, yet richest in meaning, by entrusting my faith in light.  It is my wish that these 10 prints will stand the test of time for 1,000 years.

- Tadao Ando