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SCHOOL OF REMBRANDT HARMENSZ. VAN RIJN | The Head of John the Baptist Carried on a Plate to Herod

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  • Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
  • The Head of John the Baptist Carried on a Plate to Herod
  • Pen and black ink and grey wash on oriental paper

Catalogue Note

Rembrandt is known to have had at least fifty students during the course of his career, and maybe many more.  Only a small proportion of these artists are known to us today as artistic personalities, and there will always be a substantial number of Rembrandt school drawings that cannot be attributed to a known pupil.  This is currently one of those works, although the relatively unusual use of fine oriental paper - something that only Rembrandt himself and Jan Lievens did with any regularity at this time - might eventually help with an attribution, as could the equally unusual use of only black ink and grey wash, without any of the brown pigments that are more typical of the Rembrandt school.  The drawing is, though, executed with some considerable skill, and the very unusual treatment of this familiar biblical subject also shows a certain artistic confidence.