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SIGISMONDO COCCAPANI | Recto: Martyrdom of St. StephenVerso: Sketch of a figure lying in a landscape

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  • Recto: Martyrdom of St. StephenVerso: Sketch of a figure lying in a landscape
  • Pen and brown ink and blue and colored washes over black chalk (recto); red chalk (verso)


Coccapani Family (L.2729, twice)


M. Chappell, 'Proposals for Coccapani', Paradigma, 1990, 9 (June), p. 190, fig. 106 (Circle of Cigoli: S. Coccapani?);
E. Acanfora, Sigismondo Coccapani, Ricomposizione del catalogo, Florence 2017, p. 212, no. D143, p. 227, pl. 75 [D143], p. 194, under D76, p. 219, under no E18 (wrongly listed as D159 instead of D143)

Catalogue Note

The present pen and ink drawing, enriched by colored washes, was first published with a tentative attribution to Sigismondo Coccapani by Miles Chappel.  This attribution has been confirmed by Elisa Acanfora in her recent monograph on the artist (see Literature).  In 1983 Miles Chappell had identified another drawing of the same composition in the Uffizi, but of a lesser quality, executed in pen and ink over red chalk, also bearing the Coccapani's mark.1  The latter was tentatively related by Chappell to a composition by Cristofano Allori, with the suggestion that it could have been executed by Sigismondo or Giovanni Coccapani.  Acanfora instead believes the Uffizi drawing to be a copy from a lost sheet by Coccapani.2 
Acanfora has also related to the present composition another study by Coccapani for the central figure of St. Stephen, likewise in the Uffizi .3 1. Uffizi, Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe, inv. no. 9015 F; see M. Chappell, 'On the Identification of a Collector's Mark (Lugt 2729)', Master Drawings, vol. XXI, 1983, no. I, pp. 53-54, no. 39, reproduced fig. 23 (as After Cristofano Allori?)
2. E. Acanfora, op.cit., Florence 2017, no. E18 (as Anonimo, Copia dal Coccapani)
3. Uffizi, Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe, inv. no. 9285 F; E. Acanfora, op.cit., p. 194, under no. D76, reproduced pl. 76