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MANNER OF GONÇAL PERIS SARRIÀ, 20TH CENTURY | A young male saint holding a sword

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  • A young male saint holding a sword
oil on panel This is a 20th-century work painted in the style of Gonçal Peris Sarrià, a Valencian artist of the first half of the 15th century who executed altarpieces and devotional paintings in the late Gothic style of that period. Few documented works by him survive, but they include an altarpiece dedicated to St Martin painted for the monastery at Portaceli and a panel of St Martha and St Clement in the Cathedral Museum at Valencia. His distinguishing features include figures that appear to float, and a rich sense of surface pattern. A panel depicting 'Saint Michael Vanquishing the Devil' in the National Galleries of Scotland (inv. no. NG 1021)1 provides a good example of the sumptuous patterns associated with Peris; in the present work, the artist has clearly tried to emulate this style, which is particularly evident in the intricate decoration of the saint's cloak.There is evidence of an earlier scheme under the gold on the carved framework at the top of the panel. 1 https://www.nationalgalleries.org/art-and-artists/5268/saint-michael-vanquishing-devil