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Replica set of the British Crown Jewels, 1950s

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Comprising replicas of various pieces of the Crown Jewels in gilt metal, paste stones, simulant pearls, velvet and imitation ermine trim, including:
Five sceptres: St Edward's Staff, length approximately 154.5cm; the Queen Consort's ivory sceptre with cross, white resin imitating the ivory sections, length approximately 114cm; the Queen Consort's sceptre with colourless paste stones, length approximately 129cm; the Queen Consort's sceptre with multi-coloured paste stones, length approximately 121cm; and the Sovereign Sceptre, length approximately 115.5cm
Five crowns: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's Crown, diameter approximately 19.5cm; the King George Crown, diameter approximately 18.5cm;  the Imperial State Crown, diameter approximately 16.5cm; the Queen Mary Crown, diameter approximately 19.5cm; and St. Edward's Crown. diameter approximately 19cm;
Three swords: the Sword of Spiritual Justice, length approximately 89.5cm; the Jewelled Sword of Offering, length approximately 102cm; and the Sword of State, length approximately 138cm;
The Ampulla, modelled as a standing eagle, height approximately 27.5cm; the Anointing Spoon, length approximately 22cm; the Mace, length approximately 118cm; the Sovereign's orb, diameter approximately 16.5cm; the Armills of Charles II, inner circumferences approximately 19cm; and the King's Spurs; together with twelve storage boxes and five red velvet cushions. (part illustrated)