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Dorn, Frank

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  • A Map and History of Peiping. Peking. Tientsin-Peiping: The Peiyang Press Ltd., 1936
  • paper
Large colour lithographed map of Peking (visible area 850 x 750mm.), framed and glazed, laid down on thick card, map only

Catalogue Note

THE RARE ORIGINAL EDITION OF THIS HIGHLY VISUAL MAP OF PEKING, showing the principal sites and occupations of the inhabitants, within a border giving a pictographic introduction to Chinese history from 1100 B.C. to 1927. The whole map crowded with amusing vignettes of the life and sights of Peking ranging from the Forbidden City and the Old Execution Ground through to Pigeon Thieves, the Eunuchs' Cemetery, the Dog Temple, the Temple of Eighteen Hells and the Spider Pagoda. A delightful work that provides not only ongoing entertainment and amusement but also much information on little-known aspects of the city.