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  • Graff
The floral tops supporting fringes set with pear-shaped and round diamonds, signed Graff, numbered 3295.

Catalogue Note

A simple definition for the word girandole is a radiating form or composition. The term finds its roots in antiquity from the Latin “girare”; to turn or gyrate.  A popular style of earring during the Roman Imperial period (circa 27 B.C. to 330 A.D.) was formed with a central element suspending drops that moved independently from its surmount. Throughout history there have been many variations, however the style that became most popular in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries was used not only for earrings, but also for brooches. The girandole came to be more narrowly defined as a bow-shaped top or circular gemstone suspending three “pendeloques” or pear-shaped drops.This stunning pair of diamond earrings designed by Graff exemplifies the elements of the girandole, also referred to as the “chandelier” style of earring. The tops are formed with a scintillating array of pear-shaped and round diamonds with three pear-shaped diamonds suspended freely at the bottom. This look is a very modern, updated interpretation of the classic girandole. The brilliant, high-quality diamonds are transformed into tiny chandeliers bringing light, energy and life to the wearer.