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68 folios (13 1/2 x 9 5/8 in.; 341 x 245 mm) (collation: i-vii8, viii-ix6) on paper. Manuscript notes/corrections on ff. 3r, 5r-6r, 7r-v, 8v, 14v-15r, 16v, 19r, 25r, 29r, 40v-41r, 42r; diagram printed on f. 64v. Slight dampstaining in upper margin throughout; three small worm tracks starting at rear (one of which diminishes until it disappears completely by f. 30v), affecting only individual letters; minor stain over text near head on ff. 11r-12v, in outer quadrant on ff. 29r-31v, and in outer edge on ff. 63r-68v; small worm track repaired in gutter near foot on ff. 11r-16v; tiny hole in upper margin of f. 49; light repairs in gutter near head on ff. 63, 65-66. Modern vellum over board, very slightly scuffed and with small hole on lower board; modern paper flyleaves and pastedowns.

Catalogue Note

Sukkah (Booth), the sixth tractate in the order Mo‘ed, takes its name from the hut in which Jews are obligated to reside during the festival of Sukkot. In five chapters, the treatise discusses the laws of the main rituals associated with the holiday, including dwelling in booths and taking the four species (citron, palm frond, myrtle, and willow) – both of which are practiced to this day – as well as ceremonies performed during Temple times, like the water libation and the laying of the willow branches on the Altar. It ends with vivid descriptions of the festivities surrounding the water drawing and various other Temple matters. Literature

A.M. Habermann, Ha-madpis daniyyel bombirgi u-reshimat sifrei beit defuso (Safed: The Museum of Printing Art, 1978), 61 (no. 106).

Vinograd, Venice 109