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American silver Calla Lily pattern flatware service, Peer Smed and Lona P. Schaeffer, Brooklyn, NY, circa 1930

25,000 - 35,000 USD
31,250 USD
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  • silver, stainless steel
unengraved, comprising:
12 dinner knives
12 dinner forks
12 lunch knives
12 lunch forks
12 butter spreaders
12 salad forks
12 cocktail forks
24 teaspoons
12 dessert spoons
12 soup spoons
12 demitasse spoons
144 pieces

Catalogue Note

Lona Schaeffer (1902–1989) was the eldest daughter of Peer Smed and trained in her father's workshop at 176 Johnson Street in Brooklyn, New York. Her style is distinctly redolent of his work, and it is certain that many pieces which bear his mark were wrought by her; their style draws from the weighty, sculptural Danish skonvirke style. She specialized in jewelry and oversize flatware pieces with jack-in-the-pulpit blossoms and calla lilies for ornament. Her pieces were retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low among others. There are less than ten known examples of her hollowware, all softer and with more scalloping and curvature than her father's work. Together, the two made some of the only known Arts & Crafts sterling studio hollowware in the 1930's and 1940's to come out of Brooklyn.