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Rare African-American Alkaline Glazed Stoneware with Kaolin Inserts Face Jug, Edgefield District, South Carolina, circa 1860-1880

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  • ceramic
a rare small scaled face jug with delineated brow and eye. 

Catalogue Note

Recent scholarship has theorized that these vessels were largely ceremonial and possibly used for conjuring.  Recommend readings included Mark M. Newell with Peter Lenzo, "Making Faces: Archaeological Evidence of African-American Face Jug Production," American Ceramics 2006, ed. Robert Hunter, (Milwaukee, WI: Chipstone foundation, 2006), pp. 122-38, Claudia Arzeno Mooney, April L. Hynes, and Mark M. Newell, "African-American Face Vessels: History and Ritual in 19th-Century Edgefield," American Ceramics 2013, ed. Robert Hunter, (Milwaukee, WI: Chipstone foundation, 2013), pp. 2-37, and the Chipstone foundation's exhibition Face Jugs: Art and Ritual in Nineteenth-century South Carolina accessible online at  http://chipstone.org/exhibitionframe.php/5/Face-Jugs/.