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Silver Dollar, 1895-O, PCGS MS 65

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An unusually well-preserved example. The quality of the strike is significantly more robust than most examples encountered. Although the hairs above Liberty’s ear are not completely full, the rest of the coin is as fully and evenly struck as one could hope for; the eagle’s breast feathers are well-delineated, and the beading is sharp. Wayne Miller noted that “full strikes are obtainable, but are almost invariably abraded.” This example is a notable exception to that observation. The surfaces are nearly mark-free; the most noticeable being two small ticks on Liberty’s cheek which appear to be mint-caused inclusions. There is a small field mark before the eagle’s beak, and an indentation on the chest caused by a piece of foreign matter that was struck through. Otherwise a splendidly clean example; the lustre, is, as with most examples, subdued. The lustre, is not, however, chalky, but rather gentle and satiny with a bit of reverse flash, and the whole overlaid with a very pale golden hue. There is some slight doubling of some letters in the obverse legend. One of the top examples known