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Silver Dollar, 1893-S, PCGS MS 65 CAC

300,000 - 500,000 USD
735,000 USD
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A stunning example. A full, remarkably sharp strike in every respect: the hairs over Liberty’s ear are well-delineated, and the eagle’s feathers are full; the beading is crisp and distinct. Struck from dies so fresh that the mint engraver’s original die polish striae can be seen under magnification. Apart from a faint pair of lines in front of Liberty’s profile, both the obverse and reverse fields and devices are effectively unblemished, even under significant magnification. A thin obverse die crack runs from the first U of UNUM through the first three stars on the obverse; on the reverse a similarly thin crack extends from the second T in STATES to the C of AMERICA. There is a halo of faint golden tone at the peripheries, but most noticeable on the obverse. The entire coin exhibits a lovely soft, satiny cream tone, with small clouds of blue in the obverse fields. A virtually un-improvable gem of the first water.