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The first pair of button design applied with light blue enamel and decorated with single-cut diamonds, signed Buccellati, Italian assay mark, the second composed of mother-or-pearl octagonal discs with single-cut diamonds and circular-cut sapphires, the third pair composed of mother-of-pearl discs decorated with circular- cut and rose diamonds and circular-cut tsavorite garnets, total gross weight approximately 26 grams.  (Il primo paio decorato con smalto azzurro e diamanti di taglio huit huit, firmati Buccellati, punzone dell'oro, il secondo paio a doppio corpo di forma ottagonale con madreperla, diamanti di taglio huit huit e zaffiri di taglio circolare, il terzo paio a doppio corpo di forma circolare con madreperla, diamanti di taglio a rosa e circolare e tsavoriti di taglio circolare, peso totale approssimativo 26 grammi.)


Please note that an export license is needed for this lot, please refer to the jewellery department for further information: + 39 02 29500201. Pair of mother-of-pearl, tsavorite garnet and diamond cufflinks: partial hallmarks. Accompanied by CISGEM short report n. 11194 dated 01.08.2018. Pair of mother-of-pearl, sapphire and diamond cufflinks: partial hallmarks. Pair of enamel and diamond cufflinks: signed Buccellati, stamped 750 for 18 carat gold. Mother-of-pearl of white and grey colour, overall in good condition. Light blue enamel with some surface scratches. Signs of wear and scratches to the metal consistent with age and use. Overall in good condition.
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