Lot 3431
  • 3431


800,000 - 1,000,000 HKD
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  • 19.4 cm, 7 5/8  in.
the substantial boulder of mountain form, skilfully carved with a continuous scene to render a mountainous setting, one side with a scholar and an attendant conversing on a flight of steps before several pavilions, all surrounded by jagged rockwork, the idyllic setting further decorated with a crane below overhanging tall pine trees, the reverse similarly rendered with impressive boulders, further decorated with a recumbent doe resting on a bridge above a gushing stream, the stone of a rich royal blue colour accentuated with streaks of gold flecks and milky-white inclusions, wood stand

Catalogue Note

A sense of naturalism is successfully achieved in this boulder through carefully observed details, such as the gently swaying sleeve of the robes of the figures and the different textures of the rocks and pine trees. The striking blue and contrasting milky-white inclusions of the stone have been cleverly utilised to convey a serene misty atmosphere that is reminiscent of the rendering of nature often seen in traditional Chinese ink paintings. Further lapis lazuli boulders include one, carved with two elderly figures in a mountainous landscape amidst waterfalls, pavilions and pine trees, in the Palace Museum, Beijing, illustrated in Zhongguo meishu fenlei quanji. Zhongguo yuqi quanji. 6. Qing [Complete collection of Chinese arts. Compendium of Chinese Jade, vol. 6: Qing], Shijiazhuang, 1993, pls 262-263; another boulder, but carved with a deer amongst pine trees on the reverse, in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, no. Gu za 00370-N000000000; and a boulder with an inscription of the Qianlong Emperor, carved with Bodhidarma seated in a grotto, sold in these rooms, 5th April 2017, lot 3631. Compare also a similar carving, but also with an inscription, fashioned with a bearded immortal and his servant amongst landscape, from the Avery Brundage Collection, illustrated in R.Y. Lefebvre d'Argencé, Chinese Jades in the Avery Brundage Collection, Japan, 1972, p. 142, pl. LXIV; and one carved with Shoulao and his attendant in a mountainous landscape amongst clouds and pine trees, sold in our London rooms, 7th November 2007, lot 379.