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'Clovis and Clotilde'. An ivory fan, French, circa 1720

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  • 'Clovis and Clotilde'. An ivory fan, French, circa 1720
  • paper, ivory, mother of pearl, tortoisehsell
  • 24.7cm., 9 5/8 in. long
the paper leaf painted with the marriage of Clovis and Clotilde, first king and queen of the Franks, in a statue-filled palace, the reverse with shepherds in a riverscape, the ivory guards and sticks painted with chinoiseries, tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl pivot, in a later cream silk case

Catalogue Note

The Merovingian Clovis I, born in 465, was the first Frankish king. He united the scattered tribes of Gaul under one ruler and built up the empire which would later become the base for Charlemagne. In 492 Clovis married Clotilde, a princess of the kingdom of Burgundy, who convinced her husband to convert to her Christian faith. During the battle of Tolbiac in 496, the king prayed to the Christian god and promised to be baptised if his army was able to defeat the Alemanni. Having won the battle, Clovis I kept his word and converted from Arianism to Christianity, and with him his whole Empire, further unified by one shared faith.