Lot 6772
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450,000 - 600,000 HKD
1,476,000 HKD
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Montrachet 1989 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Côte de Beaune, Grand CruLot 6772: 6 bts - u. 2x4cm, 2x4.5cm, 2x5cm, banded prior to inspection, bt #s 01790-01795, straw wrapped, excellent appearance, 6 bts - u. 2x3cm, 1x4cm, 2x4.5cm, banded prior to inspection, bt #s 01802-01807, straw wrapped, excellent appearance, Lot 6773: 6 bts - u. 1x4cm, 1x4.5cm, 4x5cm, banded prior to inspection, bt #s 01796-01801, straw wrapped, excellent appearance, 1 capsule very slightly corroded on top, 6 bts - u. 3x4.5cm, 2x5cm, banded prior to inspection, bt #s 01808-01813, straw wrapped, excellent labels, 1 capsule slightly corroded on top, owc slightly damaged, Lot 6774: u. 2x3cm, 2x4.5cm, bt #s 01377-01388, banded prior to inspection, excellent color, labels very slightly bin soiled, 5 capsules lightly corroded at base and 1 at top, 3 corks very slightly raised, 2 with signs of very minor old seepageThis was the millennium night white Burgundy for us, just so buttery, fruity and rich. Lime and caramel flavours. All-enveloping, wrap-around stuff. I have just tasted it again, and it may not have as much bouquet as the fabulous 1991, but it sure delivers the goods! Serena Sutcliffe, MW WA 99 6772:12 bts (2 owc) 6773:12 bts (2 owc) 6774:12 bts (owc)Estimates are per lot