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Designed as a songbird within a ring of carved jadeite, its chest set with a cabochon sapphire weighing 15.95 carats, its eye set with a square ruby, its crest and tail accented with brilliant-cut diamonds, signed Cartier, numbered.  


Accompanied by a facsimile of an appraisal document from Cartier, dated 25th October 1999. Signed Cartier London to reverse of bird, numbered 18865 to reverse of jadeite ring. Sapphire mid to light blue, transparent, stated to weigh 15.95 carats, measuring approximately 15.3 x 10.7mm, depth not possible to gauge due to setting, with very minor inclusions and typical minor colour zoning visible under magnification. Ruby deep purplish red, transparent, also with typical inclusions visible under magnification, stated to weigh 0.27 carats. Diamonds bright and lively, stated total diamond weight approximately 0.31 carats. Jadeite mottled yellowish green, translucent to opaque, with typical granular structure visible. Pin fitting in good working order, closing securely. Overall dimensions approximately 38 x 37mm, gross weight approximately 24 grams. In good condition. For further information please contact the department on +44 (0)207 293 6409. Please note Condition 11 of the Conditions of Business for Buyers (Online Only) is not applicable to this lot.
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