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  • diamond, gold
Set with brilliant-cut diamonds, signed Capogrossi, Masenza.

Catalogue Note

Giuseppe Capogrossi 1900-1972. Born in Rome in 1900, after graduating in law he realized art was his life and moved to Paris where he lived till 1933. Together with Cagli, Cavalli and Melli he founded the so called ‘Roman school’ and  dedicated himself to figurative arts. Influenced by avantguard techniques, cubism and constructivism his works took a decisive shift and became increasingly abstract. It was at this point that he started to develop the very well known vocabulary of irregular comb or fork shapes motifs,  first seen in 1949 it came to dominate his oeuvre for the rest of his career.His style matured in 1950 and an example of his art was admired during the Biennale exhibitions in Venice held in 1951, 1954 and 1956. Capogrossi designed an array of jewels, later manufactured by Masenza in Rome and Pomodoro in Milan. As an artist who worked in the medium of paintings as well as jewellery, the comb motif can be clearly seen in this painting of 1957.