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VARIOUS ARTISTS(YUAN DYNASTY) | Colophon of Yan Wengui's Painting

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  • Various Artists
  • Colophon of Yan Wengui's Painting
  • ink on paper, handscroll
  • 47.5 by 138.5 cm. 18 5/8  by 54 1/2  in. 
inscribed by eight artists including Deng Wenyuan (1258-1328), Chen Tingshi (Yuan Dynasty), Liu Guan (1270-1342), Chen Hao (Yuan Dynasty), Wei Bifu (Yuan Dynasty), Li Ying (1274-1332), Du Xi(Yuan Dynasty) and Zhao Yan (Yuan Dynasty), with one seal of both Du Xi and Zhao Yanwith five collector's seals of Liang Qingbiao (1620-1691) and five collector's seals of Zhang Daqian (1899-1983)


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