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DONG QICHANG 1555 - 1636 | Misty Mountains in the Style of Mi Fu

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  • Dong Qichang
  • Misty Mountains in the Style of Mi Fu
  • ink and colour on silk, handscroll
  • (painting) 23.5 by 138.7 cm; 9 1/4  by 54 5/8  in.
    (calligraphy) 23.5 by 119.5 cm; 9 1/4  by 47 in.
Frontispiece by the artist, signed Dong Qichang and with three seals of his(painting) signed Xuanzai and with two seals of the artist(calligraphy) signed Qichang, dated jiwei (1619) and with two seals of the artist Inscription on the mounting border by Cao Hongzhi, dated yizi and with one seal of his Colophons by Liang Hongzhi, dated renshen (1932) and with two seals of his; by Ye Gongchao and with on seal of his; by Zhao Shuru, dated jiaxu (1934) and with one seal of his; by Wu Hufan (twice), dated dingchou (1937) and each with one seal of his with one collector's seal of Gao Shiqi, two collector's seals of Bao Yueting, one collector's seal of Zhao Shuru, one collector's seal of Cao Hongzhi and one other collector's seal


Previously from the Collection of Liang Hongzhi
Christie's New York, Fine Chinese Paintings, 30 November 1994, lot 50


An exhibition held at Tokyo-fu Bijutsukan, 28 April to 19 May 1931 and at Osaka Furitsu Boekikan, 23 May to 1 June 1931


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