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Beethoven, Ludwig van

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  • Beethoven, Ludwig van
  • Autograph letter signed ("ihr Ergebener Beethoven"), to Johann Speer
  • paper
asking him to let him know the terms in connexion with the sale of his house, stating that one of his friends might be prepared to purchase it, requesting accurate and detailed information on three points, concerning firstly the valuation of the house together with the vineyard, secondly the arrangements he has made with the vineyard employee, and thirdly the mortgage, noting that the buyer whom he would introduce to him might be very meticulous while at the same time largely willing to comply with his wishes, informing him also that he does not know how long he shall be there, but that he is always at his disposal

"...Ich bitte Sie mir nur gefälligst die Bedingniße, was den Verkauf ihres Hauses betrift, bekannt zu machen, da ich glaube, daß einer meiner Freunde, wovon ich ihnen schon sagte, vieleicht das Hauß kaufen würde, zu wissen wäre fur's erste nöthig:
1) wie hoch Sie das Haus Samt weingarten etc anschlagen?..."

3 pages, 4to (c.23.5 x 20cm), autograph address panel, [Mödling, possibly beginning of September 1820], reassembled on restorer's paper, with minimal loss of text


Emily Anderson, ii 1034; Briefwechsel, iv (1996) 1408; Musikerautographen in Sammlung Helmut Nanz (2002), p.13.

Catalogue Note

A LETTER WRITTEN DURING THE COMPOSITION OF BEETHOVEN'S CHORAL MASTERPIECE THE MISSA SOLEMNIS. Beethoven was a great lover of the countryside and would regularly spend his summers outside of Vienna. During the years 1818-1821 he stayed part of each summer in the attractive market town of Mödling. In the summer of 1820, he resided at Fischergasse 116 (called the "Christhof", today Achsenaugasse 6), owned by the winemaker Johann Speer. It has been suggested that Beethoven's enquiries in the present letter might have reflected his own interest in acquiring the property. Already in October 1819 he had been interested in purchasing the "Christhof", which at that time had been bought by Speer.