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JEFF KOONS | Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus

20,000 - 30,000 GBP
38,750 GBP
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  • Jeff Koons
  • Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus
  • stamped with the artist's signature on the suede interior of the Venus
  • lacquered polyurethane resin and a bottle of 2003 Dom Perignon rosé champagne


Acquired from Moët Hennessy by the present owner

Catalogue Note

"The Venus of Willendorf is truly a symbol of fertility because it can procreate on its own. The Venus's breasts are full, they're voluptuous, her stomach, a real symbol of fertility. But if you look and you let your mind start to go, you realise that the breasts could actually be testicles and that the stomach could actually be a phallus and that it's actually going in on itself, and procreating."

Jeff Koons