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JEAN-LÉON GÉRÔME Bacchante à la Grappe

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  • Jean-Léon Gérôme
  • Bacchante à la Grappe
  • signed: J L . GERÔME, stamped: SIOT-PARIS, and numbered: 872G
  • bronze, gilt patina
  • 58cm., 22 7/8in.

Catalogue Note

The present bronze depicts a Bacchante, one of the followers of the Greek god Dionysos, whose worshippers would engage in trance-like dances and mystic rites, in honour of the God of wine, intoxication and ecstasy. 

The Bacchante à la Grappe, in Gérôme's well-known Neo-Grec style, was probably based on a painting he made earlier in his career (see Ackerman, op. cit., p. 235). Gérôme only came to sculpture late in life: his first exhibition of a sculpture at the Paris Salon was in 1878, at the age of 54. Two themes seem to define his oeuvre, both present here - a fanciful fascination with the antique and the colouration of sculpture. The sculptor worked closely with the Siot-Decauville foundry, who were well-known for their skill in producing multi-coloured patinas. 

G. Ackerman, The Life and Work of Jean-Léon Gérome, p. 235, no. 231; p. 318, no. S.25