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  • McCartney, Paul
  • Autograph musical manuscript for the song "Let's Love", the leaf signed and inscribed to Marcia Falkender on the verso
  • paper
notated in pencil [for piano] on 10-stave music paper, the autograph chord symbols below the staves with a few indications of rhythm above, marked by the composer "Intro", with bar-lines but without the melody or the words; on the verso, there is an autograph note to Marcia Falkender written and signed in black ink ("To Marcia, All the best to ya!. Don't worry about all those bloody houses!! love Paul McCartney...(P.S. Lower the TAXES.) Ta!"), with a drawing of a large smiling face below the inscription, together with a few memoranda in ink and pencil above the music, 2 pages, folio (30.5cm x 22.8cm), 10-stave printed music paper ("R.H. Mss."), [1974], minor tears to margins, trace of taped mount at the top of the page

Catalogue Note

AUTOGRAPH MUSICAL NOTATION BY MCCARTNEY IS OF THE GREATEST RARITY ON THE MARKET.  Whilst autograph lyrics have occasionally appeared at auction, we have no comparable record for any musical notation by him.  McCartney has indicated the harmonies for each bar with letters and numbers ("D-flat m7" etc) and chord changes.  The vocal line is not included, nor are pitches otherwise specified; however there are some note-stems and flags added to one bar to indicate rhythms.  The numbered chord symbols can be compared to figured bass notation, but with the tonic indicated by letters rather than specific pitches notated in the bass, whilst this method of indicating rhythms can be found as far back as Renaissance lute tablature.

McCartney arranged "Let's Love" in 1974 as the lead track in Peggy Lee's album of that name, after having created and performed it for her at the piano.  Later that year he recorded the song at Abbey Road Studios, released on his album Venus and Mars--Archive Collection.   McCartney's note to Marcia Falkender on the verso includes the postscript "Lower the Taxes", apparently alluding to the Beatles song 'Taxman' from Revolver (1966). An accompanying typed note, "Paul McCartney | EMI Studios 18th May 1974", which was the caption when Lady Falkender had this piece mounted, suggests that it was given to her on a visit to Abbey Road Studios on that date.