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Rozenburg Pottery and Porcelain Factory

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  • Monumental Alkmaarse Waaghuis Vase, 1900
  • Painted with factory mark Rozenburg den Haag and the stork, with date code and work order 182 on the underside
  • enamelled porcelain
  • 110 x 50 cm ; 43 1/4 x 19 5/8 in.
glazed porcelain vase


Sotheby's, Amsterdam, November 1985, lot 162
Private collection
De Eland, Amsterdam, 1998
Private collection, The Netherlands

Catalogue Note

Known today as the Vredesvazen (the Peace vases), the Alkmaarse Waaghuis vase is part of the exceptional 182 order realised by the Rozenburg factory in 1900. Following The Hague First Peace Conference in 1899, the Rozenburg Manufactory was commissioned the creation of five extraordinary commemorative vases. The vases, of exceptionally large dimensions, are decorated with luxuriant Jugendstil motifs and ornamented with depictions referring to the conference.
These five vases were exhibited at the Paris 1900 Exhibition and are today part of the Vredespaleis's collection in The Hague.
Additionally, within the 182 order, the Rozenburg Manufactory realised one supplementary covered vase: the Alkmaarse Waaghuis vase, representing the Waag building in Alkmaar. Oftenly referred as the "half-sister" of the Vredesvazen, the history of the Alkmaarse Waaghuis vase is slightly more mysterious: it might have been conceived in order to replace one of the three covered Vredesvazen if anything were to happen to one of them during the production but it might also have been realised as a more nationalist depiction meant to be kept in the Netherlands and not to be sent to Paris for the International exhibition.