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GEORGE CONDO | Double Figure Composition

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  • George Condo
  • Double Figure Composition
  • signed and dated 06
  • coloured pencil and crayon on paper


Skarstedt Gallery, New York
Acquired from the above by the present owner

Catalogue Note

“Condo’s portraits… ultimately return our attention to the varied responses that they trigger in us. They confront us with the curious fact that we can feel pity and ridicule for something at the same time, or sympathy and revulsion. In the end, these imaginary portraits lead us to wonder at the schizoid and contradictory character of our own natures. And they leave us to revel in what Soberg memorably termed ‘the irresolvable clownishness of being’” (Ralph Rugoff, The Imaginary Portraits of George Condo, New York 2002, p. 14).