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A Marble Torso of Aphrodite, after the Antique, 20th Century, or earlier
after a late Hellenistic Greek prototype ultimately inspired by the Aphrodite of Knidos, of slender form, standing in a graceful attitude with her weight on the left leg, a tress of her long wavy hair falling over the left shoulder.
Height 87.6 cm.
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acquired from Michel Dumez-Onof, London, June 1982
Sotheby's, London, 9th December, 2012, no. 20, illus. 


probably Amsterdams Historich Museum, 1970


Michel Dumez-Onof (Gallery), Ancient Works of Art, London, 1970, no. 2, illus.

Catalogue Note

The goddess of Beauty is depicted in all her sensuality, while she tries to cover her nakedness with her hands. Made of marble, it represents the goddess who comes out nude from her bath, in meditation, leaning forward, with her arms in the act of covering herself. This representation of Aphrodite is defined as “Capitoline type”, of which numerous replicas are known today. The first and most faithful Roman copy of the statue of Aphrodite created by Praxiteles (the Classical Greek sculptor) circa 360 BC, was found in Rome and now is in the Musei Capitolini.

For a closely related example, probably from the same workshop, see Christie’s, London, July 11th, 1973, lot 196 (https://iconographic.warburg.sas.ac.uk/vpc/VPC_search/record.php?record=15389).