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  • Zhang Daqian (Chang Dai-chien, 1899-1983)
  • ink on paper, album of five leaves
  • each 27.5 by 35.4 cm. 10 3/4 by 13 7/8 in. (5)
(1) signed Daqian Yuan, dated bingxu, the twentieth day the eleventh lunar month (December 13, 1946), with a dedication to Wu Wanhui (active early 20th century) and one seal of the artist, zhang yuan zhi yin Titleslip on mounting boarder by Wu Wanhui, signed Wanhui, dated bingxu, the twentieth day of the eleventh lunar month, with two seals, pei pei, wu wan hui (2) signed Yuan, dated the twenty-third day of the twelfth lunar month, with the same dedication and two seals of the of the artist, zhang yuan zhi yin, da qian (3) signed Yuan, dated the nineteenth day of the second lunar month, with the same dedication and two seals of the artist, zhang yuan, da qian ju shi (4) signed Yuan, dated the thirtieth day of the second lunar month, with the same dedication and one seal of the artist, da qian xi (5) signed Daqian jushi, dated dingwei (1967), the sixth lunar month, with two seals of the artist, zhang yuan, da qian Titleslip by Wu Huanhui (20th century), signed Huanhui, dated bingxu, the twentieth day of the eleventh lunar month, with two seals, pei pei, wu huan hui Colophon by Chen Dingshan (1897-1987), signed Dingshan jushi, dated the thirty-fifth year of the Republic (1946), December 13, with two seals, ding shan tang, ding shan With three collectors' seals of the Chew family, qiu yong he yin (5), wu zhong ying yin (5), qiu fu lun cang hua (5)

Catalogue Note

Artist's inscription:
I painted this at age 46 at Ouxiangguan in Shanghai for my female student Peipei. Now Peipei has married Mr. Qiu Tao in the Philippines but is unable to visit the Mainland. This album too has left the country, where the chaos has yet to subside. I can only lament this.

Chen Dingshan's colophon:
Wanhui is my goddaughter, whose childhood name is Peipei. [Wu] Zishen is a famous painter, and he deserves such an outstanding daughter. Dong [Yuan], Ju[ran], and [Huang Gongwang's] Secrets of Landscape Painting--all these Zhang taught her. Fond of her as my family, I taught her Buyi in her young age.  Two or three stratagems in Wucheng are not worth a single volume of Shiji. Daqian is now a lion among painters, respected by colleagues around the four seas. He had recently discovered the secrets of Tang and Song masters, and had just arrived at a grand theory. Seated around him were all great people, who all listened most intently. Whenever one arrived at an understanding, he or she would flash a rose-like smile. Peipei the seeker did not smile, but her joy was evident in her expression. Upon returning home she beseeched her parents to let her become Daqian's disciple. To have a teacher such as him--how can she fail to learn? Bearded Zhang was a solitary artist, and with Peipei he has gained a beauty. This flower-like female disciple serves him around his desk. The old man is still determined to teach, and gladly supervises the student's brush. Cao-style clothing and Wu-style belts, and poems from the ancient lands. The bearded one has painted himself to transmit his method to his student. Whenever I view this album I benefit, and I shall remember it all my life. Thirteenth day, twelfth month, thirty-fifth year [of the Republican Era] (1946). Having sent my goddaughter Wanhui to study under brother Daqian, I am pleased to receive this album. Recorded by Dingshan jushi.