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  • Lin Liang
  • ink on silk, hanging scroll
  • 138.6 by 78.4 cm. 54 1/2  by 30 7/8  in. 
signed Lin Liang, with one seal of the artist, yi shan tu shu Attached inscription by Zhuang Yan (1899-1980), signed Zhuang Yan, dated bingwu (1966), spring, with one seal, zhuang yan mu ling chang shou; Jiang Zhaoshen (1925-1996), signed Jiaoyuan Jiang Zhaoshen, with two seals, jiang zhao shen yin, jiao yuanInscription on mounting border by Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), signed Yuanweng, with two seals, zhang yuan zhi yin, da qian ju shiTitleslip by Lin Qingni (1914-?), signed Qingni, dated bingwu (1966), autumn, with one seal, qing ni With six collectors' seals of the Chew family, liao dong qiu yong he cang, qiu yong he yin, yun meng wu zhong ying cang, wu zhong ying yin, qiu fu lun yin, qiu fu lun cang huawith two collector's seals of Na Zhiliang (1908-1998), na zhi lian yin, xin ru guo yan; and one collector's seal of Li Lincan (1913-1999), li lin can yin

Catalogue Note

Zhuang Yan's inscription:
Ming painters of flowers in the xieyi style can be divided into two schools: the academic school founded by Lin Liang and his son, and the literati school represented by Chen Chun and Xu Wei. Lin's brushwork is untethered and freely expressive. Without pursuing meticulous craft, he manifests it beyond brushwork. Without pursuing refinement, he manifests it within brushwork. Truly he is the master of a generation. Since the new year I have not had a painting to enjoy. As I view this work now, my eye is much pleased, and my spirits buoyed. I have written these few words to record my encounter with the painting.

Jiang Zhaoshen's inscription:
Lin Liang's magnificent scroll equals the work of Master Huaisu, its lofty cursive brush strokes create magical forms. Stately like a mountain and created five centuries ago, the ink painting remains just as dazzling. Cold wind blows fiercely in the cloudy darkness, lifting the shadowy snow and turning it suddenly white. The pheasant shivers under the stone bridge, spiting the granary and desiring nature instead. With a pure heart, clear of defilements, [the painter] receives and captures the spirit of his object. Can he return with his skillful hand, and paint me rivers and mountains in spring?
This painting by Lin Liang of Pheasant in the Snow is regarded by Ye Gongzhao, Zhuang Wuling, Wu Shuangqiu, and other masters as one of his masterworks. I have thus written and inscribed this poetic preface.

Zhang Daqian's inscription:
Lin Liang was fond of painting phoenixes, peacocks, hawks, and the like. His brushwork has a masculine vigorous and is much beloved by the Japanese. This painting by him of a pheasant in the snow is precious.