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A ROMAN BRONZE STEELYARD WEIGHT IN THE FORM OF A BUST OF SILENUS, CIRCA 2ND CENTURY A.D. | A Roman Bronze Steelyard Weight in the Form of a Bust of Silenus

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  • Height 9.5 cm.
emerging from a calyx of acanthus, and wearing a nebris falling from his left shoulder, his head turned up and to his right, his face with long stylized beard of voluted curls, moustache, gnarled brow, and hair surmounted by a wreath of ivy leaves and berries, the body finely incised with tufts of spiraling hair, a fragmentary hook on top of the head, the back filled with lead.


private collection, Paris, since the early 20th Century (consistent with patina and Siena marble mount)
Hôtel des Ventes Victor Hugo, Dijon, March 14th, 2015, no. 99, illus.
acquired by the current owner at the above sale