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AN ATTIC POTTERY RED-FIGURED COLUMN KRATER, ATTRIBUTED TO THE CHAIRIPPOS PAINTER, CIRCA 490-470 B.C. | An Attic Pottery Red-figured Column Krater, attributed to the Chairippos Painter

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  • Height 40 cm.; diameter 39 cm.
decorated in front with Dionysos riding an ithyphallic donkey with wineskin, looking back, and holding a kantharos in his right hand and a vine in his left hand, festooned lotus buds on the neck, and on the back with a satyr striding to left, looking back, and holding a wineskin in his right hand.


Ars Antiqua, Luzern, prior to 1963
"The Property of a Gentleman" (Christie, Manson, and Woods, Ltd., London, April 28th, 1964, no. 73, pl. XV)
Galerie Fischer, Luzern, June 15th, 2008, no. 4035, illus.


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