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A GOLD TORQUE, PROBABLY SARMATIAN, NORTHERN BLACK SEA AREA OR CENTRAL ASIAN STEPPES, CIRCA 1ST/2ND CENTURY A.D. | A Gold Torque, probably Sarmatian, Northern Black Sea Area or Central Asian Steppes

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  • gold
  • Diameter 15 cm.
of solid circular section with hinged opening section and fastener, inlaid with carnelian and niello.


Drouot, Paris, May 29th-30th, 1963, no. 27, illus.

Catalogue Note

The missing inlays may have been in a material more susceptible to decomposition with time and, on the basis of comparison with other Sarmatian jewellery, may have been turquoise or enamel. Some of the inlays are in the form of Tamga symbols, a tribal or clan emblem widely used by Eurasian nomads and recorded on various precious metal objects and ornaments.