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GUSTAV BLÄSER | Weihnachtskind (Christmas Child) and Neujahrswunsch (New Year's Wish)

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  • Gustav Bläser
  • Weihnachtskind (Christmas Child) and Neujahrswunsch (New Year's Wish)
  • Christmas Child signed: Gust: Blaeser. F: and inscribed: Aus Liebe. / Elisabeth. New Year's Wish signed: Gust: Blaeser.fec: 
  • bronze, brown patina

Catalogue Note

The modelling of these two charming, festive bronzes occupied Gustav Blaeser for several years. Neujahrswunsch was begun in 1847 but not cast in bronze until 1849, while Weihnachtskind was conceived slightly later, but suffered delays due to an accident with the clay sketch. When both were finally completed, the models enjoyed instant popularity among Blaeser’s clientele, resulting in the production of numerous casts. Notably, versions of both models were made for the Prussian King and Queen, who took particular delight in Weihnachtskind, which was placed on the royal Christmas table. It is in honour of Queen Elisabeth of Prussia (1801-1873) that one of the gingerbread biscuits proffered by the Weihnachtskind is inscribed Elisabeth.

M. Puls, Gustav Hermann Blaeser: Zum Leben und Werk eines Berliner Bildhauers, Cologne, 1996, pp. 235-237 and 247-251