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FERDINANDO VICHI | Danzatrice (Exotic dancer)

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  • Professor Ferdinando Vichi
  • Danzatrice (Exotic dancer)
  • signed and dated: F. VICHI-SaLON / 1914 / marmo di Carrara
  • white marble
  • 153cm., 60 1/4 in.
sold together with two issues of Selecta magazine: year 1, number 1, May 1917 and year 1, number 6, October 1917


with Font y Staricco, Montevideo, 1917


Published in magazine Selecta, year 1, number 1, Montevideo, 1917, as advertised by Font y Staricco;
A. Panzetta, Nuovo Dizionario degli Scultori Italiani dell’ottocento e del primo Novecento, vol. 2.Turin, 2003, fig. 1934 (probably the same marble as illustrated)

Catalogue Note

Ferdinando Vichi was a well-known and respected sculptor in Florence in the last part of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. An alabaster workshop was associated with his name in the late 19th century, and he was connected with artists such as Cesare Lapini and Guglielmo Pugi, established sculptors of the Galleria Bazzanti workshops. Although Vichi also worked on subjects after the Antique and Renaissance-inspired models, it was Romantic sculpture he truly excelled at. As his reputation grew, he received not only local commissions, such as a memorial for the fallen of World War I in his native Florence, but also for a more international clientele, who seemed to prefer his Romantic style.

The present exuberant marble is an outstanding example of one such Romantic masterpieces intended for the international market. The publication of this Danzatrice in the first edition of Selecta magazine, dated May 1917, shows the marble having been shipped to Montevideo, Uruguay within the relatively short period since its conception in 1914. The oriental beauty, depicted with a delicately fluttering shawl held in her hands, shows clearly Vichi’s skill in conveying movement and delicacy in his marbles. Gently smiling as she dances, this exotic dancer epitomises the Romantic sculpture of the Belle Epoque in Italy, and particularly of the circle of the Bazzanti gallery.

A. Panzetta, Nuovo Dizionario degli Scultori Italiani dell'Ottocento e del Primo Novecento, Turin, 2003, vol. II, p. 953, figs. 1933-35