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Douw, Johannes [Jan Jansz. Dou]

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  • T Hoogh-Heemraetschap vande Uytwaterende Sluysen in Kennemerlant ende West-Frieslant. [Amsterdam: Isaac Tirion, 1745]
  • Paper
Large engraved wall-map on 16 sheets joined (1788 x 2318mm.), backed on boards, drawn by Johannes Douw, engraved by Conraet Decker and Abraham Deur, contemporary hand-colour, scattered stains and marks


Donkersloot-de Vrij 751; Hameleers 29; University Library Utrecht, collection Moll. 202 (Dk42-4)

Catalogue Note

Monumental map of Kennemerland and West-Friesland made by the surveyor Johannes Douw (1615-1682). The detailed map was published by order of the Dike-reeve of Rijnland to document land reclamation in the area. With the coats of arms of Cornelis van Eyck, Claas Swann, Gerard Stuylingh Syms, Dirk Sevenhuysen, Gerbrand Crol and Johan Baert.