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Shanhaiguan (Shanhai Pass)

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  • 山海關輿地全圖[Shanhaiguan yudi quantu]. [Plan of Shanhaiguan] [China, c.1900]
  • ink and wash on silk
INK AND COLOURS ON SILK, 500 x 900mm., framed and glazed, light marginal waterstaining

Catalogue Note

This painting depicts Shanhaiguan (Shanhaikwan) Pass in Hebei province, one of the most important passes along the Great Wall, where the wall meets the ocean, due east of Beijing on the Gulf of Bohai. Shanhai Pass was a fortress built in the Ming Dynasty to defend against the intrusion of Mongolian tribes. It is roughly square with a total length of 4.5 miles, consisting of a 3 mile long wall and a barbican, with four gates at each side. Originally, four separate barbicans were built in front of these gates, forming another defensive layer. This painting shows Shanhaiguan alongside the Great Wall, and in the foreground is the new railway line (built in 1894) with steam locomotives running on the line, the railway station and fortified foreign settlements, including those of France, Japan and Germany.