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Palestine photographs

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  • A collection of over five-hundred 19th and early 20th century photographs, including:
[Anon.] Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. [c.1870s], 4 albumen prints on 2 separate card mounts (overall image 215 x 800mm.), somewhat faded, some spotting
[?Bonfils]. Panorama from the Mount of Olives, [c.1880],  3 albumen prints mounted on card (forming a panorama 280 x 1170mm; each image approximately 280 x 390mm.), not joined, faded, some wear
Dormition Abbey (publisher). Jerusalem. [1900s], 8-part folding silver print panorama (120 x 990mm.), printed card wrappers

Graham, James, 'S.E. Brow of Mt. Zion, Well of Joab & the King's Gardens, Feb. 14th 1856', albumen print, signed with initials in the negative and captioned
Frith & Co., Francis, 'Jerusalem from Mt. of Olives' [c.1860], albumen print mounted on card, with 2 views of Sinai, including St Catherine's monastery, albumen prints
Hentschel, Bruno, 'Talitha Kumi School', Jerusalem, 1899, albumen print, mounted
Bonfils and others, 45 albumen prints, [1860s to early 1900s], (from cartes-de-visite to 280 x 230mm., or the reverse), including images by Bonfils, American Colony, G. Brogi, Frith, Lehnert & Landrock, Hammerschmidt, A. Hippolyte, Zangaki, Dumas and others, housed in a modern album
Photochrom Zurich and others: 20 photographs, [1880s to early 1900s], (average 180 x 240mm., or the reverse), including 3 by Photochrom Zurich, 7 by American Colony of Dr Schick's models of Jerusalem (with loose text), and others by Bergheim, Fiorillo and others, housed in a modern album
33 large albumen prints, [mostly 1880s], (average 210 x 280mm., or the reverse) by Bonfils, Frank Mason Good, L. Fiorillo, Frith Series, S.G. Pandelides, Photochrom Zurich and others, most mounted on card, housed in a modern album together with 9 photographs by Davey & Hackney taken on board the RMSP 'Arcadian' to Haifa
5 albumen prints, [1870s-90s], including 3 by Frith Series of Jerusalem and Mount Sinai (2), and one by Hentschel of Jerusalem, housed in a modern card portfolio
Quarelli, F. Souvenir de Terre Sainte. [c.1890s], 8 albumen prints (220 x 270mm., or the reverse), on individual card mounts, loose within cream cloth boards, some fading, boards slightly soiled
American Colony. Album of photographs of Palestine. [early 1900s], 8vo (200 x 140mm.), 48 window mounted matt silver prints (55 x 80mm), printed index to the photographs on upper pastedown, brown cloth, rubbed
[Anon.] Flowers from the Holy Land. Fleurs de Terre Sainte. Blumen aus dem Heil. Lande Jerusalem. [c.1900], small oblong album  (85 x 125mm.), 12 mounted photographs, and 12 mounted pressed flowers, cloth-backed olive wood boards, upper cover stamped 'Jerusalem', upper cover bowed, repairs to spine and hinges
[Anon.] Souvenir album photographe. Flowers from the Holy Land.  Fleurs de Terre Sainte. [early 1900s], small album (100 x 165mm.), 12 mounted silver prints, printed captions, modern red cloth, mounts bowed, some fading and minor wear
64 photographs (with some duplicates), [1860s to c.1915], various sizes, including 7 of a medical centre in Jerusalem (c.1912-15), 2 cartes-de-visite by Kovork, a cabinet card by Dumas, and c.20 attributed to Bonfils
48 photograph portraits and views, [1860s-early 1900s], various sizes, preserved in 2 modern albums, including cabinet cards and cartes-de-visite, 3 Russian stereoviews, and images by American Colony, C. Raad, 6 by Franciscan Convent Photographers, and 6 images by Robinson Lees
17 cartes-de-visite: 3 by W. Hammerschmidt, 12 by G. Brogi, and 2 by A. Gherardi
11 cabinet cards, including 2 by C. Raad, 2 by G. Krikorian, 2by L. Fiorillo, one by A. Soskin and one by J. Sawabini

Underwood & Underwood. Jerusalem through the stereoscope. [c.1906], 29 albumen print stereoviews on printed card mounts, housed in fitted cloth book-style box, some slightly faded, box worn
Hentschel, B. Eighteen stereoviews, on printed card mounts
[Various photographers]. Collection of 74 stereoviews, most on card, including 21 (14 unmounted) by a Russian(?) photographer 

Raad, Calil. Eight glass lantern slides (82 x 100mm.)
American Colony. Ten glass lantern slides (82 x 82mm.), 5 coloured
Palestine Exploration Fund. [early 1900s] 6 glass lantern slides (82 x 82mm.), preserved in a card box
[Anon.] Album of 24 photographs of Palestine. [early 1900s], (125 x 145mm.), 24 photographs in window mounts, blue cloth, some faded, binding stained