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Palestine photographs

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  • A collection of over five-hundred 19th and early 20th century photographs, including:
  • paper
[Anon.] Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. [c.1870s], 4 albumen prints on 2 separate card mounts (overall image 215 x 800mm.), somewhat faded, some spotting
[?Bonfils]. Panorama from the Mount of Olives, [c.1880],  3 albumen prints mounted on card (forming a panorama 280 x 1170mm; each image approximately 280 x 390mm.), not joined, faded, some wear
Dormition Abbey (publisher). Jerusalem. [1900s], 8-part folding silver print panorama (120 x 990mm.), printed card wrappers

Graham, James, 'S.E. Brow of Mt. Zion, Well of Joab & the King's Gardens, Feb. 14th 1856', albumen print, signed with initials in the negative and captioned
Frith & Co., Francis, 'Jerusalem from Mt. of Olives' [c.1860], albumen print mounted on card, with 2 views of Sinai, including St Catherine's monastery, albumen prints
Hentschel, Bruno, 'Talitha Kumi School', Jerusalem, 1899, albumen print, mounted
Bonfils and others, 45 albumen prints, [1860s to early 1900s], (from cartes-de-visite to 280 x 230mm., or the reverse), including images by Bonfils, American Colony, G. Brogi, Frith, Lehnert & Landrock, Hammerschmidt, A. Hippolyte, Zangaki, Dumas and others, housed in a modern album
Photochrom Zurich and others: 20 photographs, [1880s to early 1900s], (average 180 x 240mm., or the reverse), including 3 by Photochrom Zurich, 7 by American Colony of Dr Schick's models of Jerusalem (with loose text), and others by Bergheim, Fiorillo and others, housed in a modern album
33 large albumen prints, [mostly 1880s], (average 210 x 280mm., or the reverse) by Bonfils, Frank Mason Good, L. Fiorillo, Frith Series, S.G. Pandelides, Photochrom Zurich and others, most mounted on card, housed in a modern album together with 9 photographs by Davey & Hackney taken on board the RMSP 'Arcadian' to Haifa
5 albumen prints, [1870s-90s], including 3 by Frith Series of Jerusalem and Mount Sinai (2), and one by Hentschel of Jerusalem, housed in a modern card portfolio
Quarelli, F. Souvenir de Terre Sainte. [c.1890s], 8 albumen prints (220 x 270mm., or the reverse), on individual card mounts, loose within cream cloth boards, some fading, boards slightly soiled
American Colony. Album of photographs of Palestine. [early 1900s], 8vo (200 x 140mm.), 48 window mounted matt silver prints (55 x 80mm), printed index to the photographs on upper pastedown, brown cloth, rubbed
[Anon.] Flowers from the Holy Land. Fleurs de Terre Sainte. Blumen aus dem Heil. Lande Jerusalem. [c.1900], small oblong album  (85 x 125mm.), 12 mounted photographs, and 12 mounted pressed flowers, cloth-backed olive wood boards, upper cover stamped 'Jerusalem', upper cover bowed, repairs to spine and hinges
[Anon.] Souvenir album photographe. Flowers from the Holy Land.  Fleurs de Terre Sainte. [early 1900s], small album (100 x 165mm.), 12 mounted silver prints, printed captions, modern red cloth, mounts bowed, some fading and minor wear
64 photographs (with some duplicates), [1860s to c.1915], various sizes, including 7 of a medical centre in Jerusalem (c.1912-15), 2 cartes-de-visite by Kovork, a cabinet card by Dumas, and c.20 attributed to Bonfils
48 photograph portraits and views, [1860s-early 1900s], various sizes, preserved in 2 modern albums, including cabinet cards and cartes-de-visite, 3 Russian stereoviews, and images by American Colony, C. Raad, 6 by Franciscan Convent Photographers, and 6 images by Robinson Lees
17 cartes-de-visite: 3 by W. Hammerschmidt, 12 by G. Brogi, and 2 by A. Gherardi
11 cabinet cards, including 2 by C. Raad, 2 by G. Krikorian, 2by L. Fiorillo, one by A. Soskin and one by J. Sawabini

Underwood & Underwood. Jerusalem through the stereoscope. [c.1906], 29 albumen print stereoviews on printed card mounts, housed in fitted cloth book-style box, some slightly faded, box worn
Hentschel, B. Eighteen stereoviews, on printed card mounts
[Various photographers]. Collection of 74 stereoviews, most on card, including 21 (14 unmounted) by a Russian(?) photographer 

Raad, Calil. Eight glass lantern slides (82 x 100mm.)
American Colony. Ten glass lantern slides (82 x 82mm.), 5 coloured
Palestine Exploration Fund. [early 1900s] 6 glass lantern slides (82 x 82mm.), preserved in a card box
[Anon.] Album of 24 photographs of Palestine. [early 1900s], (125 x 145mm.), 24 photographs in window mounts, blue cloth, some faded, binding stained


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Catalogue Note

A LARGE COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN IN PALESTINE BY MANY OF THE MOST RENOWNED PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. The focus of this collection is on the most important sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, showing holy sites, ancient buildings, towns, cities, landscapes and portraits of the people, and scenes of everyday life. The collection includes photobooks, panoramas of Jerusalem, albums of photographs, and individual prints.