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Sharpe, Richard Bowdler

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  • A Monograph of the Paradiseidae, or Birds of Paradise. London: Henry Sotheran, 1891-1898
  • paper
FIRST EDITION, 2 volumes, folio (540 x 360mm.), lists of plates, 79 lithographed plates by and after J. Gould, J.G. Keulemans, and W. Hart, printed by Mintern Bros., later hand-colour, contemporary green morocco gilt, bindings expertly rebacked to style, one plate touched by the binder’s knife


Fine Bird Books, p 107; Nissen IVB 865; Zimmer p 581; Wood, p 565

Catalogue Note

"Gould, in his Birds of New Guinea, figured nearly every species known in his day, and he had intended to publish a complete Monograph of the Family, for which purpose he kept the lithographic stones from which the plates had been prepared. Thus it came to pass that when Messrs. Sotheran purchased the stock of Gould's works after his death, they acquired the stones with which he had intended to illustrate his Monograph of the Paradiseidae. Many of them were broken or otherwise damaged, and of these some have been redrawn or replaced by new plates by Mr. Hart. Since Gould's time, however, many marvellous new species have been discovered, and these have been described and figured in the present work" (Appendix).