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Coronel Teodoro Quintana

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  • Lunar photograph taken at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, Mexico, 2 February 1887
  • photograph
Albumen print, 6 by 5 1/4 inches, mounted on printed card stock within ink ruled border. Inscribed in contemporary hand on verso: "Royal Observatory Greenwich, Folio 17." 


Ex Ewen Whitaker, lunar scientist and astronomer

Catalogue Note

A photograph of the moon at 10.5 days. Mounted on board with the printed caption: "Ensayos de Fotographía Lunar. Fotographía sacada con el refractos de 15 pulgadas (con aberracion cromática) el dia 2 de Febrero de 1887 en el 10° dia de Lunacion por el Teniente Coronel Teodoro Quintana."

Established in 1877-78 in conjunction with the National Meteorological Observatory and National Central Observatory, the National Astronomical Observatory was located in Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. Lieutenant Colonel Teodoro Quintana, the photographer of the Presidential Guard, became involved with the observatory in 1885 at the invitation of director Ángel Anguiano. During his tenure there, Quintana undertook the study of astrophotography, and began producing lunar photographs such as the one at hand.